Akin to our pioneering spirit our company employs the state of the art software and hardware to get the job done. We are well aware that technology alone cannot create a qualitative product. Our expert engineers closely follow each project through the whole process: From double checking for feasibility to optimizing them for efficiency and precision according to customer needs. Our scrutinous production pipeline ends only after thorough control of the final product shows that the customer quality standards have been met.

Quality Management

We are certified and committed to the comprehensive ISO 9001 quality system standard.

We demonstrate our commitment by providing the highest quality of engineering and manufacturing services, every employee being involved in the quality management process. Our rich project portfolio demonstrates high quality results from a wide range of areas. By employing measurement tools such as Autodesk  PowerINSPECT we can guarantee that the quality standards of our customers are fulfilled.


High precision is essential for ensuring the greatest level of accuracy and efficiency of our production services. We work with modern machinery and equipment, facilitating long, unmanned machining times.
Our cooperation with

  • Bodycote, Germany – Heat treatment
  • ANA SDV, Romania – Coordinate grinding

give us an added advantage in enabling projects with extraordinary quality requirements.